Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Do you ever feel down about yourself and that there's nowhere or no one to turn to?

Natural/physical/biological intelligence is there for you, so long as you have a body and are living on this (or another) planet.

The love and respect that natural/physical/biological intelligence has for you can be accessed by you at any time, through an act of choice.

When you access natural/physical/biological love and respect, you will access it tangibly and physically, through your body, in the way that Nature intelligence views as best for your needs.

Natural/physical/biological intelligence will never deny you.

If you are willing to look beyond your immediate human social circumstances, you need never feel abandoned again.

Instead, you become empowered to fly, no matter how that might look in your life...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nature's Love and Respect—Why It's Real to Me

Nature's version of love and respect is what you might call "tough love" and "tough respect." Life on Earth thrives within a certain set of parameters.

Those willing to force others outside the parameters set by Nature intelligence can gain power. For a simple example, it is possible to tie somebody up and refuse them water. Despite the injustice of the situation, the majority of people treated this way will die. Nature hasn't stopped loving and respecting the person who's treated this way, however.

Nature intelligence, left to its own devices, does not function like power-hungry humans. It does not deny any life form for the purpose of manipulation and control. Nature as a whole does what it does to maintain itself, and every life form, left to its own devices, adjusts its behaviors to thrive within Nature's ever-shifting wholeness.

I believe that over time, perverted use of the will in humans or other free-willed beings, meaning use of the will against the freedom of others, will undermine the bodies of those who practice such things. Divine will is inclusive of all. Ultimately Nature intelligence is an expression of Divine will. Those who do not reflect Divine will by being inclusive of all, cannot ultimately thrive.

You are part of the all, and therefore Nature intelligence includes you. Its love and respect is present in every breath of air you take, every drop of water you drink, every presence of Earth that supports your one footfall after another, every dynamic life process that provides you with food and shelter—and the list could go on.

Natural "disasters" (if they are not a result of weather engineering or the HAARP "earthquake machine") I view as occurrences that take place from time to time to maintain overall planetary balance. If we were as focused on developing our communication and co-operation with Nature intelligence as we are on creating weapons of destruction, we could rapidly evolve to a state in which those earthquakes and weather events needed to maintain planetary balance could be planned and co-operatively managed between humans and natural/physical/biological intelligence.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why I'm Not An "Environmentalist," But I Eat Organic, Recycle, and Take the Train!

I've recently realized that some people might be terrified of my love for natural/physical/biological intelligence. They might think I'm on the side of those who feel the Earth and Nature would be better off with way fewer people.

Let me make my position clear. I am for WIN-WIN-WIN.

I stand for every single person on Earth having the freedom and resources needed to live life as they see fit.

I believe that every single human being has the right to choose their own path through life, so long as they extend that right to every other human being. 

Getting to this level of mutual pleasure is not always easy or, in the short run, possible, given our current social and legal structures. However, each of us can choose to commit to learning how to get closer to this ideal, step by step.

We have Nature on our side. Nature wants to support us, and wants us to live fulfilled lives.

If we really understood this, we could start getting creative. "Okay, Nature, you're the expert in planetary systems. How do we comfortably provide clean air, water, sunshine, food, shelter, and supportive community structures to 7 billion culturally diverse people, while maintaining the overall vitality of the planet?" It can be done.

Right now, we're on the wrong track. People are starving. Animal and plant species are going extinct. The air, water, and soil are contaminated by radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals. All these things happen to protect "vested interests." Some people actually think that they win when others lose.

I invite you to take a moment and look at this issue... Are you feeling guilty or ashamed because an environmental group or environmental writer told you that overpopulation is destroying the planet? Do you feel vaguely bad because you wonder whether it's a good thing that you're alive? Do you think Mother Nature feels anger and hatred toward you?

I say, turn your desire to be a good person to better use. Take a few moments to get into the "zone." (See my post of August 17, 2011.) Then ask yourself, "What can I do right now to create more win-win-win in my life? For myself and my family and friends? For myself and the Nature beings who are involved in my life, whether plant, animal, rock, air, water, or fire?" The win-win-win concept does not work unless you're winning too!

That's why I eat organic, non genetically-modified food, recycle paper, and take the train. Not to "do right by the environment," but to win. When I do these things, I win.  So do other people. So do Nature beings.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Zone

Look at a plant, or a dog, or the sky, with relaxed attention... until you start feeling that zone. Or listen to the breeze, the rain, the insects, the birds. Just tuning in to your own breathing can do it. Hard to describe, that zone. 

It's not like being in front of a computer. It's not like talking to other people. It's not like going out on the town. It's not like seeing a movie. It's simultaneously the biology zone and the sacred zone. Being in the zone feels pleasurable, even though on the surface of it, it's less exciting than the latest hit song or movie. It's a zone hard-wired into every one of your cells AND all the networks of communication between them.

It's a zone that can be superimposed by other things. And yet, if you have a body, you have access to it in its purest form, down beneath any artificial layers that have found their way into you.

Okay, so you're in the zone.

Take a moment—just a moment—to get verbal.

Say to natural/physical/biological intelligence (Nature for short), "Nature, I give you 100 percent permission to take me into a physical experience of your love and your respect for me." Say it with sincere desire and serious focus.

Then return your awareness to where most of you already is, the zone... and witness how natural/physical/biological intelligence reorganizes itself in response to your request.

The fewer expectations and assumptions, and the less "will power" you bring to the table, the better.

When you feel the wave of response has flowed through you, thank that intelligence. Notice and verbalize what you've learned. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Injustice Is Expressed and Felt through Physical Experience

I realized a few days ago that my comments about physicality and the importance of embodiment don't take injustice into account.

Some of us on Earth have hardly any food to eat. Those of us who do have food, often have little more than aisle after aisle of genetically modified junk waiting for us at the grocery store.

Some of us have no medicine for what ails us. Others of us have far too much, too invasive medicine.

Some of us have no shelter from the cold and rain. Others live in mansions.

Some of us have no reasonably clean water to drink, and at this point, none of us have unpolluted air, unless we're rich enough to buy oxygen or filter our air 24/7.

Some of us don't have access to the internet, some of us are addicted to it.

Some of us, due to lack of condoms, risk disease, death by childbirth, and raising a child in poverty if we choose closeness with another human. Others of us relieve boredom via casual sex.

The vast majority of us have access to just tiny fractions of the money and physical resources accumulated by a tiny minority of people who are emphatically not interested in sharing.

No wonder some of us don't like physical existence and want to escape it.

Being sick, being poor, being homeless, don't feel good.

Unfortunately, escapism does little to solve the real source of physical agonies. The fact that we are in bodies is not the reason for our suffering. Being in bodies could feel good if our souls took humanity's physical pain seriously and starting making new choices, if our souls had the willingness to learn what it takes and do what it takes to make love and respect for everyone on this planet a physical, embodied reality.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Orange Paint

The title of this post alludes to my post of 7/27/2011.

Seeing people do stuff like what's shown in this video really fires up my imagination about the potentials of physicality. I wonder whether it's possible to perform such feats without having embodied, physical, active love and respect for one's body and physical surroundings.

Note that I do not mean the word "love" here in a romantic or "mushy" sense. Some people define the word "love" as having to do with interest, curiosity, and sustained attention. The one we love, the activity we love, receives our interest, our curiosity, and ongoing energy from us in the form of attention. You need to have attended to and investigated your body and surroundings pretty thoroughly to be able to safely jump off high buildings and so on. You'd also need healthy respect for your physical needs, your physical perceptions, and your current physical boundaries.

Speaking of love and respect, for some reason the last frames of this video display the word "Hated." I don't know why.