Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Morality and Aliveness

For me, love and respect are not words about feelings. For me, these are words about morality and ethics. I am intensely interested in morality and ethics, and constantly explore this area of life.

For me, morality is not a set of rules.

For me, morality is not dictated by religion or society.

I believe that morality works towards the pleasurable flourishing of life, both human lives and non-human lives, when it is rooted in love and respect for each person's freedom of choice.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pleasure and Politics

A few things that lower my pleasure... polluted air, polluted water, polluted and genetically modified food, poverty, war, radiation, and the fact that whole societies on our planet starve. Also, social and moral codes that ask me to be dishonest about who I really am and interfere with my adult freedom of choice.

Anyone who takes pleasure seriously, and pursues pleasure that is strengthening and enlivening to the body rather than addictive, will find themselves politically engaged, in some way or another.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Do You Think About Pleasure?

What do you think and feel about pleasure?

Do you feel discouraged, because the place you live, the society you are in, or the amount of money you have makes it hard for you, or even impossible, to have the pleasure you'd like to have?

Do you think pleasure is something that happens in the afterlife, if you have been good while living on Earth?

Do you think that earthly pleasures are illusions, distractions, or both?

Do you think that the pursuit of pleasure is immoral?

Do you pursue pleasures that, in the long run or the short run, damage your body and spirit, and make you feel less alive?

Do you even know what feels pleasurable to you, and what does not?

Do you know what it would take to create more and more pleasure in your life over time?

Knowing even a few of the answers to these questions would help you team up with natural/physical/biological intelligence to create more pleasure in your life, right here and now.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fear Is Not the Enemy

Anything that you haven't experienced before (at least in rough outline) can feel scary.

That's a normal and natural response, and it's been put in place in your physical realty by natural/physical/biological intelligence to help you survive.

Fear says, "Pay attention!"

If you try to ignore or pooh-pooh your fear, your ignoring and pooh-poohing natural/physical/biological intelligence itself. Pay attention to the alert produced by your fear, whether the thing that's catalyzing your fear is inside of you or outside of you. 

If you pay attention, if you don't ignore your fear, you'll learn something important, either about what's inside of you, what's outside of you or both. Guaranteed.

Here's an a to z list of fears that are trying to teach people something!

And a comedy sketch about our fears...

The link to this video on youtube is

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing Is Happening


The word "nothing" is really just a figure of speech. If absolutely nothing were happening, you and the planet would no longer exist.

When it comes to communing with natural/physical/biological intelligence, usually when we think nothing is happening, all it means is that we've put our attention in the wrong place, our attention isn't precise enough, or something either more subtle or more wildly different than we're used to is going on.

Note that even when something really big or major is going on, if it's different enough, we can miss it. 

Our paradigms hugely influence what we are able to perceive.

Be prepared for nothing... by eliminating nothing! Notice to where your mind wanders. Notice changes in your posture. Notice subtle shifts in the way you feel. Any of these things might be related to doing a dialogue with natural/physical/biological intelligence... or not!

The only way you'll find out what is what is by noting everything (instead of mentally asserting the concept of "nothing," mentally assert the concept of "noting")  and then over the coming minutes hours, days, or weeks, notice what occurs to you, what insights or thoughts come to you, about what you have noted.

Here's a music video I found quite powerful, for a song called "Nothing" by a band called A. I can't embed it, because embedding has been "disabled by request."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Re: Nanotechnology, or This Could Save Your Life, Part 3

Something called nanotechnology (very small technology) is being used to introduce newly synthesized life forms into our bodies. This process is happening globally, and if you ever go outside, it's likely you've been exposed to mysterious new entities that take up residence in our bodies and replicate within our physical being.

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