Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Positive Thinking vs. Empowered/Empowering Thinking

"Positive thinking" is a major theme these days, at least in North America, and amongst people who want to be "successful."

I am a student of natural/physical/biological intelligence.

What I see in Nature is what could be called "empowered/empowering thinking." However, empowered/empowering thinking is never based on so-called positive thinking. Empowered thinking is based on reality, on truth, and on perceiving the whole of a situation to the best that we can perceive it.

When you observe natural/physical/biological intelligence in action, you'll notice that every plant, animal, and elemental being responds to the whole of its reality, including those aspects of its reality that don't support its survival.

Every life form, including us, must function within conditions that suit our life, and conditions that do not. When we look at that spectrum of conditions from the perspective of empowered/empowering thinking, we will find opportunities to get our needs met in all natural conditions. Realistic humans practising empowered/empowering thinking have been able to successfully live in outer space, in forests, on mountains, on arctic tundra, in deserts, on islands, on the ocean, in swampy areas, and the list goes on.

The picture is more complex when we are dealing with human social conditions instead of natural conditions. Some humans make purposeful choices to do what they can to disrespect and harm other humans. There are social situations in which even an empowered human being will not be able to get his or her needs met.

Animals and plants, to the best of my knowledge, act according to their instincts, with the aim of surviving and thriving. In general, if they attack a human being or enter a human's home, they do so within the context of living their lives to the best of their ability. But a human who physically, emotionally, sexually, or energetically attacks another human or that human's home and possessions is basically one version or another of a "vampire," that is, someone who wants to cheat in life by sucking on the work and vitality of other people, rather than cultivating an appropriately independent relationship with natural/physical/biological intelligence and Divinity.

Vampirism can be unconscious, or meticulously and consciously planned. The latter kind is the hardest to liberate oneself from.

As far as I'm concerned, empowered/empowering thinking in this case means being realistic about the existence of the behaviors I'm calling vampirism, and learning how to work with natural/physical/biological intelligence and Divinity to protect ourselves from exploitation. Truthful, realistic, and empowered/empowering thinking will get us much further in the struggle to free ourselves of vampirism than "positive" thinking ever will, since in my experience, positive thinking generally attempts to avoid unpleasant or shocking realities, and also tends to overlook the reality that deceptive behaviors and words currently constitute a massive presence in our world.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do You Believe Science?

I read this week about a woman who got cancer in her breast—the cancer was in the exact shape of her cell phone because she kept it in her bra. You can get all the details here.

This news story really got me wondering. Did the woman not notice that she was being injured by her phone? Was there no sign at all of a possible problem until she was experiencing cancer? If there were “distant early warning signs” did she ignore them? Did she ignore them because of distraction and busyness? Because she didn’t think herself worthy of her own attention? Because someone had assured her mobile phones are safe? Because she thought she had no alternative but to keep her phone right on her breast? Or some other reason?

For me, all it takes is five minutes of a wireless or mobile phone to my ear, and I can feel my head heating up on that side. And the heat doesn’t feel good to me. So I use wireless phones only when I have no other choice.

I’m not trying to be superior here. It's possible this woman's cancer showed up with no prior warning whatsoever. But certainly, the rest of us are receiving a potent warning from her situation. How many of us will heed it?

Now if you listen to the scientists, some will tell you wireless devices are dangerous. Others will tell you there’s no real evidence that they do harm.

Whatever they say, I know how my body feels when I use one and that’s 
what drives my final decision.

I am certain that science will never provide all the answers. For starters, everybody’s body is unique. Scientific exploration and experimentation cannot ever keep up with all the possibilities.

Also, science is influenced by many non-scientific considerations. It matters who pays for the science. It also matters what the scientist believes about human bodies and minds, human society, Divinity/Source, and natural/biological/physical intelligence.

I consider science a good source of hints and clues, sometimes even providing a useful stream of information. I will never give a scientist or a scientific study final authority over what happens in and to my body. The final decisions belong to me and me alone, and I usually research science, stories and clinical experiences, and practice reflection, meditation, and self-observation and self-respect to make choices about what I do.

I also take the attitude that learning is always necessary and that I’d better pay attention to the consequences of the choices I make in case there’s more I need to learn to make a better choice.

What do you believe in enough that you would change something 
in your life because of your belief? Why do you believe it?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shameless, Shameful

I've been working with natural/physical/biological intelligence to repair my shame functioning.

I tend to be way too ashamed in some areas of my life, which prevents healthy communication with other people, and quite shameless in other areas, which also prevents healthy communication with other people.

From my perspective of collaboration with natural/physical/biological intelligence, shame is part of my body, like my hands and feet, and my shame has obviously been injured.

The following dialogue with natural/physical/biological intelligence is one technique I'm using to repair it.


1. Breathe with awareness of your breath until you notice how pleasurable it is to breathe.

2. State, "Nature, I give you 100 percent permission to bring my shame into balanced functioning within all my body structures and energy flows, in accordance with my life/soul purposes and my bodily balance and vitality." (Nature knows what all your body structures are... some people emphasize cells and tissues, some emphasize the energetic bodies, aura, and chakra, some people focus on the skeletal and neuromuscular structures, some on the organs... if you just say "all body structures" Nature will cover all the bases!)

3. Sit quietly, letting Nature do the work, until you feel complete. State, "Thank you, Nature."

3. If there's any particular activity or body structure in your life that you feel is particularly out of balance with respect to shame, state, "Nature, I give you 100 percent permission to bring my shame into balanced functioning within [name the body parts or energy flows, eg. sexual energy flow, creative energy flow, the energy flow in me related to my business partner, etc., in accordance with my life (or soul) purposes and my bodily balance and vitality."

4. Sit quietly, letting Nature do the work, until you feel complete. State, "Thank you, Nature." Repeat as needed.

Your life will change.