Saturday, October 20, 2012

Going for the Big Time

In the "success culture" of the United States, dreaming big, playing big, and winning big (especially financially) are hyped in a big way!

Making it big sounds so exciting—and I have some big questions about it these days, especially after going through the experience of hoping for a big success with the CD I made, and then deciding to withdraw it.

My train of thought goes like this... the bigger something is, the more influence, even impact it has.

What is the true nature of the influence or impact I might have if I manage to get something done in a big way? Especially when I bear in mind that few things in life ever unfold exactly the way we intend, plan, or hope!

I find that it feels scary to contemplate acting on a big scale and of necessity, taking full responsibility for those actions, no matter how they turn out.

And given that any action has unforeseen consequences, including consequences created by the choices of other people, what does it mean to fully take responsibility when acting on a big scale (or any scale)?

This blog post is about questions, not answers.

For me, getting clarity about what questions I need to keep asking as I move forward gives me more courage to try for bigger and better things. I find that honestly answering the same questions over and over again as I move forward with a project seems to keep it on track much better than thinking I have a plan set and in place.

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