Saturday, February 25, 2012

As The Arrow Flies

Natural/physical/biological intelligence has enormous power. 

And—it respects you.

So if you want to consciously experience natural/physical/biological intelligence in action in your body, you must make space for natural/physical/biological intelligence to act.

You make space by not making a whole bunch of conflicting requests at once.

Instead, you make one request, or intend one thing, and notice what happens.

I frequently liken this process to shooting an arrow. 

You take aim and pull the bow. 

Your time of great, focused effort is over once the arrow flies through the air, no longer under your control. You watch it fly. You learn about how to do better next time from watching what the arrow does this time.

This video (1:56) of an expert archer in action got me so excited I applauded in front of my screen... the really big deal happens at about the minute and a half mark.

Here's the link:


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Turn Addiction Into Creativity

When we're addicted to something, whatever it is that we're addicted to is labelled "addictive." 

We're less likely to notice how we have manipulated the physical/natural/biological world to create something that is able to give us an addictive experience.

Since Nature intelligence respects our choices, it is possible for us to turn all kinds of plants, substances, places, and experiences into addictions.

When we do this, we oppress ourselves, and we oppress natural/physical/biological intelligence.

Natural/physical/biological intelligence is on the side of life, and left to its own devices, will always support the flourishing of life. 
Natural/physical/biological intelligence would rather not be forced into an addictive structure, because addictive structures don't support the flourishing of life.

Here's a dialogue you can do with natural/physical/biological intelligence to move towards transformation of addiction and turn your compulsions into creative self-empowerment.


1. Bring your attention to your breathing until you are able to feel the pleasure in breathing.

2. Now bring your imagination to whatever it is you're addicted to, keep breathing, and let yourself feel the feelings that come up for you around this substance or activity.

3. Then state, "Nature, I give you 100 percent permission to show me, vividly and clearly, how [name the substance or activity] wants to interact with me for our mutual creative empowerment."

4. Sit quietly, without making mental expectations or assumptions. Something (images, words, smells, sensations) may come to you now, or they may occur to you later, You might have a dream about the issue, or a synchronicity event might bring you information. If you're like me, you might have your aha! moment while showering, washing dishes, or just walking along.

5. When you feel complete with the process outlined in Steps 1 through 4, say thank you to natural/physical/biological intelligence, and thank you to your addiction for what it has to teach you. Also thank the addictive substance or activity for its willingness to share its wisdom with you.

6. Repeat this dialogue as often as needed to attain full resolution for yourself. You'll know you're on your way when you start receiving more and stronger creative inspirations—and you are more capable of acting on them than you were in the past.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Natural/physical/biological intelligence denies nothing. It doesn't operate like your human mind, which usually takes its sorting and patterning abilities too far, and ends up hiding, stuffing, rejecting, and lying about large swathes of what is really present.

When you team up with natural/physical/biological intelligence you'll find yourself discovering more and more of what's actually true for you. This can be a shocking experience that tempts you into addictive behaviors.

So, if this happens, be gentle with yourself.

What can you do to support yourself as you experience influxes of truth?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Truth and Addiction

Addiction can serve many functions in our lives.

One of its roots is the attempt to escape our own experience.

We attempt to escape our own experience when we don't have the skills to handle our experience well.

Some experiences require us to have a very high level of skill before we can handle them well.

So if you're addicted (and a lot of us are), I hope you'll give yourself a break—stop worrying about how bad you are and start realizing that if you really want to move past addiction, you have major learning ahead of you.

Learning to handle our real experiences in ways that really empower us takes time, effort, and the willingness to move forward by trial and error. When we're truly empowered, quitting will mostly take care of itself. 

When I searched "smoking" on, I found this video. This young woman mesmerized me—her expression of what's tough for so many of us is raw and uncensored...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Imbolc—The Sun Returns!

Today is Imbolc, one of my favorite holy-days of the year. After the long nights of the winter solstice season in the northern hemisphere, where I live, Imbolc marks a turning point. There's now enough sunlight to spark hormonal upsurges in our bodies. Hormones, in turn, stimulate the brain. For me,  it's rare that a year goes by without Imbolc bringing me important new insights.

In honor of Imbolc I've uploaded two more of my friend Aleah's beautiful photos of the sun (not photoshopped or altered in any way), taken in the Montclair, New Jersey area where I live.

Below, you'll also find a song about the sun, and a short clip of NASA's translations of the sun's emanations into audible sound. 

Wishing you warm, sunny days ahead!
Photo by Aleah Williams

Photo by Aleah Williams